How to Market Your Music Videos and Audio on the Internet

Media Player_thumb[1]One of the best ways that musicians can make a living out of their work is by selling the music and the videos that they make through the internet. It is true that many of the musicians have not been able to make a living out of their work partly due to piracy as well as due to their poor marketing skills. For this reason, they need to ensure that they have brought all their productions to the kind of avenues that will have these sold.One of the best ways that musicians can make a living out of their work is by selling the music and the videos that they make through the internet. It is true that many of the musicians have not been able to make a living out of their work partly due to piracy as well as due to their poor marketing skills. For this reason, they need to ensure that they have brought all their productions to the kind of avenues that will have these sold. Continue reading

Best Wedding Dance Songs of 2014

Best Wedding Dance Songs of 2014Good music can make or break any event; weddings included. Nothing is worse than having people groan or rolling eyes during your first dance because of a poorly selected song or a desolate dance floor because your DJ or band is just not getting your guests grooving—especially after you put all that energy into your planning and invitations. There’s a great selection of songs out this year that are begging to be included in your wedding. Below are five of the best, in my opinion. So don’t be shy about slipping this list to your DJ!

One song, in particular, sets the bar of romantic songs from this year. It’s practically engineered to be played at your wedding and it’d have to be “All of Me” by John Legend. If the lyrics don’t make you swoon then the fact that Legend actually performed this song at his wedding to Chrissy Teigen in 2013 should.

Lyrics to love: “Cause all of me / Loves all of you / Love your curves and all your edges / All your perfect imperfections”

If you’re looking for something just as dreamy but a little faster pace, “Wings” by Birdy is an absolutely mesmerizing song for you to get lost in the moment and twirl around with your new spouse.
Lyrics to love: “I just wanna be by your side / If these wings could fly / Oh damn these walls”

“XO” by Beyonce is another dreamy song that’s sure to be played at weddings this year. The Queen B is known for proclaiming that “if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” Well since there’s a ring now on it, sneak this tune in to show him you love him with these lyrical hugs and kisses.
Lyrics to love: “Your love is bright as ever (ever, ever, ever) / Even in the shadows (shadows, shadows, shadows) / Baby, kiss me (kiss me, kiss me, kiss me) / Before they turn the lights out (lights out, lights out, lights out)”

If “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo doesn’t have you fantasizing about spending the rest of your life with your special someone then perhaps you should give it another listen. Growing old together has never sounded so good.
Lyrics to love: “And if I lost everything / In my heart it means nothing / ‘Cause I have you, / Girl, I have you / To get right down on bended knee / Nothing else would ever be better, better / That day when… / I’ll say, “Will you marry me?”

“Happy” by Pharrell is a proven feel-good track and definitely earned a spot on this list. While there should be no shortage of happiness on this day, sometimes it’s good to hear it over an infectious beat pumping through the speakers while your bridesmaids pull you onto the dance floor. So sing your heart out to this song with reckless abandon. This song was made for your wedding day!

Lyrics to love: “Because I’m happy / Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth / Because I’m happy / Clap along if you know what happiness is to you”

Reasons Why Music is an Important Aspect of Our Lives

Reasons Why Music is an Important Aspect of Our LivesMusic is part of our lives though sometimes we may never realize it. Even without realizing it, you will find yourself listening to music at one point or another in life. Music is a good way to describe items, people, places as well as other things that cannot be fully explained by words. It is a common practice for people to spend their free time listening to music and dancing to the tunes. Apart from entertainment, music can be a very important method for learning and should be integrated in school curriculums.

Below are some of the advantages of music:

  1. Music allows creativity

If you thought that having some good music is an easy task, then you need to try making one yourself. Coming up with good music requires creativity. It requires innovation and imagination. Playing the musical instruments too requires some sharp brain. It therefore allows one to enhance creativity and bring out the story in an interesting way.

  1. Music relaxes

There are different music genres. There is that soothing music that can relax your mind especially if you have had a busy and stressing day. Listening to music will help you forget everything. You can use music o find sleep when it seems impossible for you to get some. Research shows that moods and emotions are highly related to music.

  1. Music and education

Music makes learning interesting. It also makes it easy to remember what is learnt. It is highly engaging and easy to memorize thus can be of great importance if used in classrooms. Playing musical instruments can be a good way of helping students use their free time wisely.

  1. Music is a good way of bringing people together

Music is a unifying factor because it makes people identify with a group. People come together to paise, worship, enjoy their culture through dancing to their best tunes, get entertained and so forth. This therefore acts as a good ground to meet new friends, create more ties and therefore enhance peaceful coexistence and appreciation of one another.

There are many more other benefits you can obtain from listening to music but caution must be taken too. Not all music is good to the ears especially for children. You must control what children listen to because some songs work towards eroding morality and since a child may not be able to choose what is right or wrong, this will destroy his or her future because a habit once learnt may not be easily unlearnt. Children may also learn violent behavior from some music which they will later display to peers. Just like there are board games for adults and board games for kids, the same way there is music for kids and music for adults.

Reasons why people may miss on fun with music

Some people fail to have fun with others as they dance to their best tunes because of some reasons. Some people are more concerned about what others will say. They never want to appear silly in front of others and this curtails their fun. This is a poor attitude because people may never be interested in you anyway. Another problem is the fear of being imperfect. You probably do not want people to see your poor dancing skill or hear your weak voice. This should not be an issue. No human is perfect and there is more fun when you allow yourself to be imperfect. You also get to learn. You should never allow your life to get bored just because you have allowed people to determine your happiness. Life is more than that.

Basic Branding Tips for Musicians Ready for Fame

Basic Branding Tips for Musicians Ready for FameNot so long ago, I came across a quote on Facebook attributed to popular singer and songwriter Adele in which she says: “I don’t make music for the eyes. I make music for the ears”. This, coming from an artist, makes perfect sense, but in the world we live in, where marketing and advertising are the core ingredients of any success, even music have to go visual. Marketing and advertising is very visual, and it gets even more visual every day as new technologies emerge and music has not been left behind.

If you are an aspiring musician, you understand that the hottest selling tools for your talent today include Instagram, Pinterest and generally image-based platforms that are growing in popularity. If you are ready to brand and sell yourself and your music, read on to discover some of the simplest yet effective secrets to get you winning followers and fans.

Visual branding is very important for musicians and brands

To establish yourself as a musician, you have to reach the widest audience in the shortest time possible. You cannot do this using audio. You will have to find ways to represent your music visually through different ways including artwork, pictures and other graphics, as long as they represent your musical genre, your personal values and style. This will enable you to stand out and evoke certain emotions such as love and admiration while presenting a professional image without having to pay. Having an active Instagram account, for instance, is the best way to keep your followers close and informed.

Emotional and Subjective

Just like when creating music, creating a visual brand is subjective in that it is highly dependent on goals and personal aesthetics. Most times, you will have to think outside the box to come up with something different and catchy that will get more shares and eventually earn you more fans. Any professional marketer will tell you that branding is holistic, in that you have to believe and live in the brand you create. It is best to market your logo, colors or themes, and marketing through images may not be all it takes. You could get hoodies with your logo that fans can engage in small competition to win and the results would amaze you.

Understand the basic elements of visual branding

There are 4 basic elements that you must incorporate in your visual branding campaign: primary and secondary branding images, use of color and tone, your personal or band logo and type fonts. Any business that embarks on visual marketing should know that consistency easily translates to professionalism and evoking emotions takes using just the right of each of these four elements. Most musicians often consult a professional designer for help coming up with images and logos to use, and how to make clothing with these graphics to create a unique branding campaign that stands out from the rest.

Branding used to be very difficult and expensive, but today you can hire a designer at 8am, upload your logo to a printer at 10 and your personalized hoodies, bandanas or t-shirts will be shipped by 3pm, all for the price of a lunch meal! What is your excuse?

How Can Instagram Followers Help You in Building Your Business Profile?

How Can Instagram Followers Help You in Building Your Business Profile?How can Instagram followers be of benefit to your business? Is your business even supposed to sue social media as a means of promoting itself? How can you buy Instagram followers? What is the procedure that you need to follow so that you can buy these followers?   Instagram is a social media platform just like Facebook and Google plus. When people get into social media, it means that they can interact with each other and get to share their photos, their comments, their social lives as well as any other things that can be shared through the internet.


As with the other social media platforms, Instagram help people to share their feeling through photos. People can post their photos and then have their friends comment about them. It is also possible for the people whom you follow to share these photos with their friends. Instagram followers can be good for business. Actually, when a business opens an Instagram account, it means that this business will be able to share their products with the people who follow them. You will get a better market perspective and a better market share if you can have as many people aware of the products that you sell.

Buying Instagram Followers

You need to have many Instagram followers. This is one of the best ways that your business can have many people getting to know about it. It may be necessary that you add as many Instagram followers as possible. Companies that have made an impact from their Instagram accounts have had to buy these followers. You see, it is difficult to build your Instagram followers from scratch. It can be done but it will take ages for you get as many followers as can give you better business.

There are people who sell Instagram followers. One can buy these followers in packages. What you need to do is to visit the websites of these companies and make an order for the number of followers that you need. The bigger the package the better for your company as you will have many people follow you. The more followers you have, the better for you as this is one of the best ways that your business will gain prominence from the many people who will get to share your photos. The photos will definitely need to be about the company or the business that you run.

Benefits of using Instagram for small businesses

Do you run a small business? Then you stand to benefit greatly from the use of this social media. Here are the three ways your small business can benefit:

  1. Personal touch-this means that your customers will be able to get to know who you are from your Instagram account. The photos that you share with them as well as all the comments that will be made about you can be shared with y our clients. The more your clients know you, the better for you and your business. Let your clients get to know your personal side so that they can have a personal touch with you and your business.
  1. Get new demographics-Instagram connects people from all over the world. This means that when your business gets connected with other Instagram users, then you will be getting ahead of the game. Your business will start getting that international touch since these people will love the way you work and probably even get to make orders from all these people. There are over 150 million people using Instagram and over 55 million photos are getting uploaded on a daily basis. Does this sound any bells in your mind? It should. These numbers mean a lot to your business.
  1. Networking- with Instagram, you will be networking with all the people who follow you. Since Instagram is interconnected to twitter and Facebook, then you can be sure that the more you share about your business, the more you will get people to know about your small businesses. You can buy instagram followers fast so that all the above can be fulfilled in the shortest time possible.

Detroit House

Detroit HouseDetroit is predominantly famous for being the only bankrupt city in the USA produced by a decline in the booming motor industry, corruption, neglect, and resulting in huge abandoned warehouses, gang culture, deserted neighbourhoods, and more neglect. However, it is also famous for its massive contribution to African American music over the decades. From Motown, one of the biggest record companies of all time, to its lasting legacy which is now manifested in its distinct style of house music and hip hop.


My personal favourite of this genre is Moodymann who has a unique approach to music which allows him to create some incredibly soulful, funky, groovy and emotionally deep house music, as well as having a great talent for sampling emotions from forgotten records to create something unique.

 He has his own record label and is notoriously elusive, preferring to play in the roller discos of his native city than to do interviews.

 Theo Parrish

Theo Parrish is a more active producer and DJ, concentrating his efforts into developing house music, and music in general, especially African American music. Theo Parrish can be quite mathematical in his approach to music; breaking down different parts of songs, and then reassembling them slowly, and guiding the listener through that process, until it is a rhythmical piece which the listener is submersed in.

 J Dilla

J Dilla is one of the most famous names in hip hop, and has been credited with introducing it to a wider and more global audience. It is mainly for his samples of soul records with catchy rhythms and deep bass lines that have made so many people hooked on it, and paved the way for a different style of more soulful and laid back hip hop which is produced the world over.

 If you are a fan of any of these or in fact any other musician, it is possible to design your own personalised hoodies with their prints on.

Puppies can make your life brighter

dog-walkingI think we can all agree that puppies can make our lives so much brighter. We all love to see a puppy, and if we’re lucky we get to spend time with it too.

Little Puppies Onlineis a great website that shows you what puppies there are for sale. The great thing about this site is it tells you a little bit about the puppies, where they’re currently living and how much they’re being sold for.

Telling you all you need to know

I like this site because it means you have the chance to view a whole load of puppies you may not have seen otherwise. As with any animal, you need to know where your puppy comes from and what kind of temperament it has. The good news is the website will tell you all that you need to know. What’s more is you can trust this site too as they have the puppies best interests at heart.

If you would like to buy a dog so you have the absolute pleasure of introducing one to your family then you can do that right here and right now. Take a good look at the website and all the puppies that are on offer.

Are you ready to commit?

Before you decide to buy a dog you need to make sure that you are ready to commit to taking care of one. There will be a lot of good times, but there will also be some hard times too, and you need to be prepared for this.

Looking after a dog isn’t always easy, but when you put work into it you get a lot out of it too. Make sure you take a good look at the website and check out the puppies on offer. You could soon be getting ready to make your life a whole lot brighter.

Music and your vacation

musical vacationWhen you think about your last vacation do you also think about the music that was played during that time? We all have music that reminds us of various vacations and we all have vacations that remind us of various tracks.

I love hearing tunes when I’m lying on a beach somewhere as I know when I hear them again I’ll be reminded of my time away. As I lay on the beach listening to a track, I know that a few weeks later when I’m laid on my sofa listening to it, I’ll be transported back to the beach.

Put your tunes on your MP3

The last time I went on vacation to I was listening to a lot of different tunes. Now when I hear the tunes that were played I remember my wonderful time away. If you want specific tunes to remind you of your vacation, put them on your mp3 or mp4 and listen to them while you’re away.

I also like to listen to music that’s played by the local bar, sometimes they play tracks I wouldn’t ordinarily listen to. This helps me to hear new music, new genres and have an appreciation for artists I would have missed otherwise.

Time away is precious

We all love to go on vacation, whether it’s to a sunny spot somewhere or on a camping trip. Time away is precious and it helps us to appreciate the vacation even more. As music in general can help to bring back memories, using it to remember the good times is a great way to feel good. It’s also a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of busy everyday life.

When you go on vacation, make sure you listen to some music so you can be transported back to the destination when you need to relax and unwind.